Opportunities Around the World

LIN Network per 1 January 2020
LIN Country Coverage: >60
LIN Country Managers: 5
LIN Regional Directors: 8
LIN Partners Worldwide: >160


LIN is a facilitator between companies who have a funding requirement or wish to sell their company and international investors from all around the world.

All opportunities that LIN is developing are not available on the internet or via brokers, financial institutions or intermediates.

LIN’s value creation lies in the decentralized approach to companies on 5 continents to source, identify, evaluate and develop off-market investment opportunities.

For developing investment opportunities that should be highly attractive for international investors, LIN had to develop a systematized approach and clear processes.

LIN has set up a worldwide network of professional partners and agents who connect to local companies and identify off-market investment opportunities

LIN’s local partners are called LIN Business Advisors. They are connecting to local and regional companies and advise them in case they have a funding requirement, wish to sell their company or when they need an international partner.