Trust, Confidence and Integrity

Leading by Example and Driven by Competence

LIN has developed a hierarchy to efficiently serve international markets.

Led by the Founder and CEO and his team, LIN has 8 LIN Regional Directors (LRDs), 5 LIN Country Managers (LCMs) and more than 160 LIN Business Advisors (LBAs/Agents) and LIN Business Partners (LBPs) as per 1st January 2020.

  • LIN has a decentralized structure to directly approach the target groups locally and to understand the market needs.
  • The LIN Leadership Structure has been set up in a way to respect reporting lines, sharing competences and sharing the proceeds according to the value creation of each individual.
  • The LBAs are getting trained and coached individually or in a team to provide them with a skill set that is needed to succeed in the endeavors to serve the market with the unparalleled value proposition of LIN.
  • LIN has high ambitions to serve the market most professionally and to create value for all parties involved.
  • The Leadership Team of LIN is driven by being an asset for the worldwide business community and by making the world a better place when developing sustainable projects and redistributing funds to people in need.

LIN's Leadership Team

Mr. Reinhard Wind - Founder and CEO

Mr. Erwin Hochwarter – General Manager of LIN Enterprises GmbH

Mr. Arif Al Malik - LIN Regional Director Middle East

Mr. John Brinkhurst - LIN Regional Director North-East-West Africa English Speaking

Ms. Samya Madih - LIN Regional Director French Africa

Mr. César Esparragoza Amon - LIN Regional Director Central and South America

Mr. Paul Stevens - LIN Regional Director Australasia

Mr. Suray Şentürk - LIN Regional Director Turkey and surrounding countries

Mr. Kongsak Latratana - LIN Regional Director South-East Asia

Mr. Valentin Tuca - LIN Director for Special Projects

Mr. Nigel Lane – LIN Country Manager for the United Kingdom

Mr. Minassie Girma – LIN Country Manager for Ethiopia

Mr. Joao Pizzio – LIN Country Manager for Brazil

Mr. David Harrowsmith – LIN Country Manager for South Africa

If you are interested in being part of LIN, please send a meaningful letter with CV to Tell us why you believe to be the right person for LIN and why you will sustain, thrive and succeed.