SMEs are highly under-served

Develop your International Businesses

LIN focuses on SMEs and we truly understand their desires and wishes, but also know about their shortcomings and challenges. We have talked to hundreds and thousands of SMEs all around the world and we have listened to their stories.

We endeavor to understand the SME in great detail and find out about his desires and dreams. Then we form projects and solutions to accommodate his wishes. We don’t take things lightly, but we dig deep and even sometimes ask uncomfortable questions. We rather would like to comfort the SME, but more importantly is to really find out how to increase his bottom line by structuring his international approach.

Sometimes LIN is seen as a CHANGE AGENT and other times the SME sees us as an INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. But LIN also may be pictured as a FACILITATOR, a HOST, an ENABLER, a DISRUPTOR, a CONDUCTOR or just as a TRUSTFUL PARTNER doing a good job abroad.

It does not really matter how the SME may see us, but more important is what LIN can ACHIEVE FOR THE SME to understand that LIN is truly unique. LIN “rewrites the book” of how international business development for SMEs needs to be done.

One thing is clear – SMEs are mostly highly under-served in many ways. They lack in experience, man-power, talents, creativity, competitiveness, structure, well working processes, advanced strategies, international reach, technology, innovation and funding. We know that, and we aspire to find solutions for all the shortcomings that the SMEs may have.

SMEs must Sell their Products

One of the main challenges of the SME is to SELL THEIR PRODUCTS. If an SME does not sell his product he is OUT OF BUSINESS, he goes BANKRUPT and he is COMMERCIALLY DEAD. And that is true for all SMEs, even for non-profit organizations who need to reach their targets to get funded again in the coming years.

SMEs are very production centric and they love to improve their organization. They are in love with their product and want to improve it as much as they can. They care for a proper organization and develop their local market and wherever their car takes them. All of their energy goes into these activities, but no energies, funds or resources are left to invest into geographically WHITE AREAS and to sell their products there. Why is that?

The answer is easy: They simply don’t know how to do. The costs for a proper international business development are high and so are the risks. They don’t have the resources to go into such ventures and therefore they rather penetrate their local market thoroughly until saturation.

But they also may jump into a plane and fly to locations where they are not accustomed to. They listen to the wrong partners and spend time and money. When they come back home they work on the foreign markets for another year or two and only invest and don’t earn money. Then they stop all of a sudden and what is left behind is a BITTER TASTE of a venture that has failed. They are disappointed and recover for a couple of years before they decide to enter the market again with a much more qualified approach.

And that is the time when LIN is an option for them, when they have found out that approaching foreign markets is not a “walk in the park” and that they need a trustful partner to align with to conquer foreign markets.