LIN relies on his Network Partners

Enabling Partners to upscale their business

LIN is a Franchise System offering Management Consultants and Business Development Managers to upscale their businesses by adopting the LIN System.

The Franchisees are called LIN Business Advisors (LBAs) and form an international Peer-To-Peer Network of professionals, specialists and experts.

The LIN Business Advisor has the choice to develop the Core Business Activities of LIN and/or promotes the Complementary Business Activities.

There are different ways how to start off developing the LIN International Network either part-time or taking up the full responsibilities for LIN.

LIN offers 10 alternative income streams and widens the international reach of the LIN Business Advisor. He materializes on his existing network by engaging with SMEs, Multinational Companies and Governmental Departments in various ways.

Once he works with LIN for a longer period of time and has understood the advantages of LIN and his benefits, he even can develop a career with LIN.

The LIN Business Advisors report to the LIN Regional Director (LRD).

The LIN Regional Director is part of LIN Enterprises and is located in a particular geographical region. He directly works together with the headquarters of LIN Enterprises in Dubai.

The LIN Regional Director supports the LIN Business Advisor in various ways to make sure the LIN Business Advisor reaches his personal and commercial targets. Therefore, the LIN Regional Directors show up with very strong leadership capabilities to coach, motivate, train and mentor the LIN Business Advisor. Further on he also acts as a back-up solution and a trouble shooter when challenges in the Business Development Process or in the Project Execution Process arise.