LIN Enterprises GmbH
Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Integrity and Purpose

Whatever life puts you through, your integrity is key to be a trusted person.

Your attitude towards your business partners, friends, and family is essential to be understood as a good person.

There is not one integrity for business and the other one for private that counts, but integrity is one big topic that engulfs all your actions, deeds, attitude towards life and eventually it defines you as a person with a purpose.

Contributing to make the World a Better Place

Needless to say, that we strive to be of highest value for the human society and to serve this planet earth and its wonderful fellow humans in the most productive, positive and fruitful way.

It is our esteemed target to make the world a better place, despite all the drama and its complexity.

Sometimes you do not even know if what you do makes things better or worse, but we do our utmost to choose wisely.

Choosing Partners Wisely

We do love to earn a great income at the service for others, but we also have learned not to engage in anything that comes along, even if the rewards seem to be high – kindly respect that.

Conduct of Business

  • Providing clarity and transparency to Agents, Customers, Project Owners, Investors, Buyers, and all parties involved
  • Being responsible and instrumental to reduce risks of any international business transaction we engage in
  • Offering a clear structure, clear processes and working on legally sound and legally enforceable agreements for the good of all parties involved
  • We are instrumental of solving communication problems between parties pro-actively and bridging cultural disparities in a most comprehensive way
  • Acting according to international laws and regulations and respecting international embargoes and trade restrictions
  • Be a facilitator, a value creator, a problem solver, and a trusted partner up to our best intentions and believes
  • Engaging in a solid value creation process throughout the whole project
  • Aiming to become a trusted partner for all parties involved
  • Making the world a better place with the means of our knowledge, experience, skills, determination, perseverance, sensitivity and we do not mind working hard

Would your Standards match ours, somehow?