The Road to Success

Creativity, Refinement, Progress and Perseverance

It was in the summer of 2011 when Reinhard Wind, the Founder and CEO of LIN Enterprises bought a company in Dubai for developing an international B2B network.

At that point of time the economies in the Middle East were not very supportive and the company had to close down within 2 years only.
In the following years, Reinhard analyzed the shortcomings of his earlier strategies and regrouped his energies and aspirations, until finally, in 2016 the Logistics & Industry Network (LIN) was born under the Antares Group in Dubai and many networking events in different cities in the Middle East were organized.
The defined target was to establish an international B2B Network to serve the Logistics & Supply Chain Industries and related technical industries for connecting them via a worldwide Peer-To-Peer Network.
Since 2016, LIN has changed substantially from being a company that is organizing networking events to an organization that empowers Mid-Sized companies to access international funds or to sell their company to international buyers.
The pragmatic approach and institutionalized processes of LIN have reached a very high service level and companies around the world are lining up to benefit of LIN's portfolio.
Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and Freelancers use LIN as a PLUG-IN or ADD-ON to their current work to widen their international reach and to be able to offer valuable services to their customers.
From August 2017 onward, LIN has experienced a tremendous growth. Being represented in 7 countries in September 2017 and having a foot on the ground in 16 countries in December 2017, LIN currently (Status 1 January 2020) is represented in more than 60 countries with 8 Regional Directors, 5 Country Managers and more than 160 LIN Business Advisors and LIN Business Partners.
Further on LIN has developed the “supply side” of its business by connecting to many thousand investors, funders and buyers from all around the world to offer them exclusive off-market investment and acquisition opportunities.
LIN's decentralized organization has a clear and transparent reporting line with democratic decision-making processes. It has been found as essential for the high growth of LIN, to focus on the leadership skills of the LIN Business Advisors and to provide them with the tools to succeed in their business endeavors and challenges.
LIN’s systematized training courses in English, Spanish (also translated into Portuguese) and in German language, provide the LIN Business Advisors with a skill to empower them. The LIN Business Advisors get trained in their leadership skills, contract negotiations, deal-closing, communication skills, business development processes, funding and acquisition requirements, legal agreements, matchmaking processes, professional conduct of business, business ethics, project management, international facilitation, and much more.
It needs to be mentioned that LIN has implemented very high standards in terms of its conduct of business, ethics, authenticity and trustworthiness. LIN has the luxury not have to engage in every project that gets offered.
To master that enormous growth and to scale up even faster, LIN needs to attract top-notch partners and top talents throughout the world and needs to establish legal identities in many countries around the world.
LIN is a large family with professional individuals who wish to contribute not only to their commercial success but who are also engage into “giving back projects” to support people in need.
As a high-growth company LIN always is pushing the boundaries of its resources. The strong will, determination, perseverance, problem-solving capabilities, leadership skills and the drive of the leadership team makes LIN a successful company.
And finally, LIN’s purpose is to make the world a better place with the professional means it has available!