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Highly successful meat production company with extensive distribution network for acquisition – asking price 50 Million US$

Large scale ethanol production company with monopoly searching for an equity partner or for acquisition – asking price 75 Million US$ (in case of acquisition)

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Uruguay (update 10 October 2019)

State-of-the-art commercial vineyard with high-class wine and champagne production searching for an equity partner or for acquisition – asking price 19.5 Million US$ (in case of acquisition)

High growth real estate business with hotel plot and large residential development in prime location for acquisition – asking price 9.5 Million US$


Largest commercial coffee producer in Ethiopia requires growth capital for a coffee roasting plant, beer brewery and honey production – funding requirement 29 Million US$

Switzerland (update 1 October 2019)

Innovative company with patented systems to retrieve energy from waste water for sale – asking price 16 Million Euros


Game changer and publicly listed magnesium mine company with the largest magnesium deposits in North America searches for an equity partner - investment requirement 50-225 Million US$ (different propositions)

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