SMEs need international Assistance

Operating remotely, the SMEs need a trustful partner

One of the challenges that SMEs come across when running international projects is that they often would need a local partner to get things done.

The SME might come into a situation where they face certain challenges:

  1. The SME cannot trust the local subsidiary far away from the headquarters
  2. The SME needs a second opinion and more information
  3. The SME is tendering for a project abroad and needs local insights
  4. The SME is about to enter new markets and needs support
  5. The SME needs an Interim Solution for a management position in Emerging Economies
  6. The SME wishes to subcontract Business Development efforts to local or regional professionals
  7. The SME needs to get a due diligence project done
  8. The SME seeks advice in business and private ways
  9. The SME wishes to professionalize his market approach to new markets
  10. The SME needs a partner on his side as a Plan-B option
  11. The SME wishes to reduce risks by having more information at hand
  12. The SME wishes to recover sales
  13. The SME needs more resources on short notice to achieve the targets
  14. The SME needs to get alternative suggestions for penetrating the market
  15. The SME wants to know about the local specialties and regulations in foreign terrain
  16. The SME needs someone to kick-ass his distribution network abroad
  17. The SME needs a professional on the ground promoting his messages and controlling the output
  18. The SME desires to have a direct link to remote countries to get advice instantly
  19. The SME is opening up other business sectors than his core business
  20. The SME wishes to participate at fairs, exhibitions or congresses
  21. The SME needs someone organizing high-level meetings and approaching prospective clients on a neutral base
  22. The SME wishes to get clarity about his existing operations
  23. The SME needs someone to interfere in sensitive issues not affecting the local staff
  24. The SME needs to recover funds or needs someone to collect cash
  25. The SME is searching for reliable and trustful partners in Emerging Economies

LIN has developed an efficient network in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America with hundreds of high-class professionals being available for certain tasks.

Talk to your nearest LIN Business Advisor. Explain your requirements and he connects you to other international LIN Peer-To-Peer partners and provides you with a solution.