SMEs need Funding

Cash for Companies and Projects

SMEs are usually short on cash and their bank accounts are exhausted. Often, they have bright ideas but have no money to realize their dreams.

When approaching local banks, the SME is asked for a collateral and thousands of questions need to be answered, so that the he is getting demotivated very fast. Often it seems that the banks don’t want to deal with SMEs at all, even if they say the opposite.

Then the SME looks out for alternative venture capital, but the investment appetite of the lenders is usually low.

LIN has an answer to that. We facilitate that the SME directly gets funded by traditional banks in China and by wealthy individuals who wish to invest their funds into certain countries, industries and projects.

For that purpose, LIN has partnered up with a local company in China whose business activities are international trading and facilitating funding via Chinese lenders and investors.

LIN acts as the facilitator on the side of the SMEs and our Chinese partner acts as the facilitator to the lenders and investors in China.

Whereas LIN knows very well the funding requirements of the SMEs, our partner in China very well knows the investment landscape in China to access the right banks or lenders for a specific funding requirement.

Chinese investors offer 100% debt funding, 100% equity funding or a mix of both. The investment amount can be between 1 Million US$ and 1 Billion US$. That also means that LIN can facilitate investments for Multinationals and Governments as well.

Chinese banks are very experienced in investing into Emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia. They accept higher risks than their European and American counterparts and that makes them very attractive and successful.

LIN together with his Chinese partner have developed a structured approach to accommodate the wishes of the borrower.

It needs to be mentioned that dealing with Chinese banks and lenders is not always easy and needs local experience, knowledge and expertise. The cultural differences cannot be overseen and therefore the partnership between LIN and our Chinese partner is the ideal combination to bridge the funding requirements of two worlds.

It all starts with the borrower filling out a simple 3-page INITIAL SUBMISSION FORM. Our Chinese partner provides the document to specific banks in mainland China and gets a feedback about the investment appetite of the lenders and investors. Then the next steps are getting explained, and the borrower may have the opportunity to enter into a funding or investment arrangement.

Talk to your nearest LIN Business Advisor. He will let you know more about the procedures and timeline to get your company or project funded.